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About our building materials


A nFirst Rotech Group has a branch office in china where you can buy high quality and superior building materials for your building project in Nigeria .We also have a ware house here in Nigeria where you can can purchase these building materials at a very discounted rate . Most of the product we have in stock cannot be found in the open market here in Nigeria . For retailers who want to reduce the cost of travelling to china to ship items to Nigeria , we can help you get your choiced product at the door step of your ware house or shop here in Nigeria .

We make available sample of the products we have in our china office , the buyer here in Nigeria select the items and quantity needded , we conclude and import the products on behalf of the buyer here in Nigeria . This will save cost of visa and air ticket etc for the buyer here in Nigeria


FIRST ROTECH GROUP has sourced and financed the supplies of quality products to many Nigerian homes offices embassies and other interested buildings in Nigeria with particular emphasis to Abuja the fct. DOORS: we are the sole distributor to many china companies and have in our ware houses over 10,000 pieces of different models of steels doors panel doors, security doors, etc. We have large stock of doors for your projects and can procure more to meeting your building projects needs bearing in mind the time period and competitive nature of the products. We can collaborate with you in conjunction with our technical partners to fashion out suitable model of doors sanitary wares and ceramic tiles that would serve your building projects.


Marble and granites tiles, ceramics walls and floors tiles mosaic tiles sanitary ware luxury sets, Jacuzzi whirlpools, sanitary fittings also we have panel and wood doors high density fibre doors medium density fibre doors PVC doors hitec- hormman bullet proof doors sound proof/fire proof doors burglar resistance doors metal detector doors custom made doors etc.
All these products and services are offered in our branches and result an impact remain the basis for our success story. Hence it is branded the submit of high quality building finishing.

We are familiar with the standard organization of Nigeria (son) requirement for strict compliance to standardization of products. Our manufacturers are SONCAP compliant and have proven of integrity over the years. Our range of quality sanitary wares covers wash hand basin mixers accessories etc. they are available in  close couple and in hanging units in different colors.



    Rotech Civil Engineering and Construction is a structural and civil engineering aim of First Rotech Group. We have carried out various building and civil engineering contracts for government and private sectors concerns. .

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    Investing in real estate is an exciting proposition. Whether you’re buying residential real estate, commercial real estate, a plot of land, or even an investment property, you’ll discover hundreds of real estate properties, within Abuja city. No two people have the same take on the same real estate, but you can use guidelines to help determine whether a property is right for you.The plots of land we have for sale are for varoius purposes . These plots of land can be used for residential , commercial, Multi-funtional,School, fueling stations, Estate development and many more. .

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