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OUR VISION At ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED and REAL ESTATE, your satisfaction is our most valued asset! OUR MISSION ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED is a company that would consciously like to channel its resources, energy and activities towards building a world that is free of artificiality and low standard SERVICE.We will question every action of ours on minute-to-minute basis and see to it that we continuously take on bigger challenges and we must grow and progress on a daily basis in every thing that we do.We must progress as individuals, as a company and as a truly meaningful organization that is honest, fair in all its dealings.Every person in our organization must consciously develop himself/ herself in knowledge, attitude, habits, skills and strategies, in order to build a meaningful world through our work. We will strive for excellent quality in every work that we do on a daily basis and see to it that we do not compromise on our values of honesty and commitment and at any given cost, irrespective of the situations.ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED & REAL ESTATE believes in the foundation of quality, commitment, and introspection on a daily basis. In order to continuously grow, it is our mission to provide the best of work in our field irrespective of the challenges we face. We will not stop to dream because of difficult problems. We will continuously provide best and quality oriented work through our projects because of our current achievements which will be the foundation of our success in the future.


The EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT TEAM (EMT) are the engine room and driver of ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED'S Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, which comprises of young, dynamic, vibrant and visionary men whose aim is to introduce innovation to the Real estate Development and property management Industry in Nigeria. Having identified strategic opportunities in the industry, these men have held positions of responsibilities across various organizations and industries, proving their worth along the way. The general management of the company will be built around the EMT, which aims to encourage strong team spirits, a highly motivated workforce and a strong corporate culture of EXCELLENCE and QUALITY awareness through its business activities


We have the buying power for multiple purchases. So, when purchase of houses/lands is made through ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED, organizations/individuals will save money.We want to offer what we call the Market Basket Approach to savings. We may not always offer the world's absolute lowest price on every single property you buy, but by purchasing your entire “basket” across multiple product categories and regions from ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED you will spend less.

The staff of ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED Estate Agents has been selected for their commitment to being successful and their desire to be part of a winning team.The highly motivated and experienced staff show immense loyalty to the company and its Directors.

ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED are simply not prepared to compromise when it comes to staff and therefore are committed to employ only the best people in their local market.

The directors of are ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED committed to training and motivating their staff to enable top performance at all times. All staff are encouraged to work on a team principle and to never lose sight of the ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED marketing is very much self driven with we believe the best local advertising added to an extensive portfolio of additional marketing initiatives known as the "ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED Package". This enables our clients to tailor make the marketing package they desire to fit in with their requirements.

Many marketing ideas are included which, in conjunction with our prominently situated offices, our bright For Sale boards and our ever growing number of Sold boards, put us, we feel, at the forefront of Estate Agency. Our Internet site is one of the largest and most comprehensive Estate Agency sites in the country, providing ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED clients with the widest possible audience where we are able to market their property. ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED applicants have the full details of the whole of ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED property register available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year WORLDWIDE! No other agents in the region offer anything like this service.motto: People Serving People .

Our Managing Director and CEO is a registered Member of the International Facility Managment Association Abuja Chapter



ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED is large well established corporate and experienced indigenous company, whose major services range from Automobile, property management, and Real estate . It undertakes major property management for public and private sector clients. With a shareholding which is entirely NIGERIANS, its name is synonymous of quality and excellence. ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED has over the past 2 years acquired a very sound reputation in terms of competence and performance. It is at the forefront of a major property management throughout the nation, with an immense capacity to step up and plug in all the required resources when the situation so requires. The ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED has dedicated itself to serving the residents and property owners of the communities. Every decision is centered on developing personal relationships based on honesty, integrity and real estate professionalism. We are a full-service real estate and property management company and have complete information on any property available in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. The shareholders, who are all directors working in the company, made a decision to build an Estate Agency business in an area thoroughly KNOWN to each one of them by way of previous experience inlocal Estate Agency. Between them they have OVER 15 years of experience in the business in the federal Capita Territory of Nigeria. They have continued this philosophy throughout the expansion of their company. ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED offer nothing new, in fact the opposite, good old fashioned Independent Estate Agency brought up to date in the Millennium with a POSITIVE approach to business - people doing business with people. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company, its directors and our staff to YOU, along with our philosophy, in the hope that we may be able to help YOU or your friends and family or indeed any clients you may wish to introduce to us, so that we may have the opportunity to assist at sometime in the future. Welcome to ROTECH AUTOMOBILE & REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES LIMITED Estate Agents, the "TOP 5 %" Best In Class Estate Agency group in the Nigeria.



Rotech Civil Engineering and Construction is a structural and civil engineering aim of First Rotech Group. We have carried out various building and civil engineering contracts for government and private sectors concerns. .

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Investing in real estate is an exciting proposition. Whether you’re buying residential real estate, commercial real estate, a plot of land, or even an investment property, you’ll discover hundreds of real estate properties, within Abuja city. No two people have the same take on the same real estate, but you can use guidelines to help determine whether a property is right for you.The plots of land we have for sale are for varoius purposes . These plots of land can be used for residential , commercial, Multi-funtional,School, fueling stations, Estate development and many more. .

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