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ROTECH ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED is an indegenous Energy Services Company with the objective to carry on business as oil and gas prospectors, drillers, refiners, exporters, importers and dealers and to harness, process, render marketable, supply and deal in oil and gas, maritime and dredging services, petroleum product sales, marketing, storage, haulage and transfer of oil and gas supplyand maintenance of oil tools, technical support services to oil companies and industries .

Rotech Energy Services Limited also provide, distribute and supply all kinds of energy services, devices and installations including petroleum refinery, solar energy sources, alternative energy sources, wind energy sources, bio-fuel production, electric power generation using hydro and thermal sources and to enter into any contract in relation to solar energy, wind energy sources, bio-fuel production, electric power generation using hydro and thermal sources.

We carry on the business of exploration, production and export, seismology services, oil and gas well drilling, completing testing, inspection and commissioning of pipelines, provision of quality control services, procurement construction of non destructive testing, tank and equipment calibration, flushing and hydro testing, pigging, production and waste management services, surface and sub-surface production, facilities and pipeline maintenance, full hydrocarbon field lifecycle management and services, and to engage in the business of flow station production operations, instrumentation and maintenance services.

In addition to the services above we  lay infrastructures, install rigs, sink wells, construct refineries, lay pipelines and provide all technological services necessary or expedient to work oil wells, bitumen, petroleum testing, oil supplies, and to process, treat and refine produce thereof and manufacture products there from.

Rotech Energy Services have  built, acquire, provide, equip, maintain and run filling stations and other premises where motor vehicles may be fuelled and where petroleum products may be stored and supplied: and to engage in fuelling and refueling of motor vehicles and supplying of motor lubricants and other petroleum products and bye-products.

Our services also includes the business of contracts in relation to energy services , trading, imports, exports, general logistic services, supplies, transportation, trading, marketing, sales and distribution of general goods, manufacturers’ representatives, to buy, sell, manufacture and deal in all articles, substances, products, commodities, appliances and other things used for or in connection with the company’s business.



Rotech Civil Engineering and Construction is a structural and civil engineering aim of First Rotech Group. We have carried out various building and civil engineering contracts for government and private sectors concerns. .

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